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About Teacher:

Teacher Niel has a wide range of experience when it comes to classroom management and lesson planning. His experience ranges from early learners to high school students. He believes education is such a big stepping stone in any children’s future. That is why he make it his main goal to ensure that teaching is educational and entertaining. He has a big passion to improve the lives of others by teaching English.


  • 2019 – 2020: English Teacher at Skybar English

– Create age-appropriate lesson plans to introduce young students to reading, math, science, history and physical education subjects.

– Present lessons to the entire class group as well as arrange for small group learning stations based on educational themes to address a variety of learning styles.

– Teach students social skills, academic concepts, how to follow a schedule and how to comply with rules in individual and group settings to prepare for elementary education.

– Make student observations regarding their strengths, abilities and areas of improvement, and report to parents and specialized educators if necessary for further testing and intervention.

– Grade student work and help individual students remediate their performance to enable them to perform at grade level or higher.

– Cooperate and collaborate with school administration to satisfy school objectives, including preparing students for standardized testing and health screenings.

  • 2018 – 2019: English Teacher at ABC online

– Celebrated children’s successes, developing pride and sense of achievement through continued encouragement.

– Regularly posted updates on children’s activity using Tapestry, allowing parents to monitor progress through photo and text notifications.

– Supported physical, emotional, social and educational development through attentive, proactive learning provisions.

– Regularly updated classroom wall displays, engaging children with mathematical, cultural and practical curriculum elements.

– Promoted regular outdoor play, allowing children to develop a sense of adventure through safe, secure exploration.

– Coordinated and planned activities which kept children engaged and entertained throughout the day.

– Used imagination, innovation and creativity during activities, facilitating learning and development.

2005 High School Wilgers NQF Level 4 (High School Diploma)
2022 120 Hour Advanced TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Course Certification